For the longest time, Bangalore had been the destination of choice of retirees and sported the tag of retirement city. Its inherent laidback nature and languid lifestyle made it the ideal address for individuals seeking a slower pace of life. Although the city had grown substantially, it had retained its British cantonment charm.

The liberalization of software and hardware policies thrust India, and in particular, Bangalore, firmly into the international spotlight. The country gained a reputation as an IT powerhouse, and several IT giants established their bases in the city. This brought about a dramatic transformation of Bangalore, bringing the city firmly into the modern age.

IT giants such as Infosys and Wipro chose the city for their home bases, giving birth to the IT revolution of Bangalore. Numerous other companies followed suit, and the city soon definitively shed its retirement city tag. A new and trendier tag replaced it, that of Silicon Valley of India.

Today, Bangalore has embraced the start-up culture and is home to several start-ups that are located here. Today, the city has the irrefutable reputation of being a world leader in IT and is a vibrant job market. The abundance of job opportunities available here attracts large numbers of new residents annually.

The city is one of the most technologically-advanced and modern urban centers in the country. A metropolitan population of about 11 million has made Bangalore one of the two fastest developing metropolises in the country. India’s third most populous city, it is progressively attracting more and more new residents with each passing year.

The steady influx of residents and increasing demand for housing have led to rapid growth in the real estate market. The city is growing exponentially with development in every direction and newer areas progressively being amalgamated into it. Every reputed real estate developer is in the process of developing their residential projects in the city.

Bangalore’s claim to fame is its excellent and progressing physical and social infrastructure. These have kept pace with the commercial development of the city, resulting in extremely robust facilities. This, coupled with the salubrious climate that the city is renowned for, makes it the ideal residential address in India.

Bangalore today is an international center that is known for its multicultural vibe and all- embracing nature. This city has deep roots in culture and tradition and, at the same time, has wholeheartedly embraced the modern way of life.


Banashankari is one of the largest localities in the idyllic south zone of Bangalore, the oldest suburb of the city. This is an upmarket and elite neighborhood that figures high on the list of Bangalore’s residential hotspots. This highly developed, peaceful, and cosmopolitan area is today attracting large numbers of new residents.

The southern zone of Bangalore has been well known for its elegance and cultural charm. Banashankari is located at the heart of this zone and has several cultural hubs, attracting the attention of discerning investors. The charming culture of the locality is a huge draw for several of the home buyers looking at property here.

The locality is also within easy reach of all modern conveniences of Bangalore and is well connected to other areas. There are several world-class hospitals and reputed educational institutions in the vicinity. From Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research to PES University, Banashankari has it all.

This easy and convenient access to large and established social amenities is a distinct advantage of this neighborhood. There are several well-established shopping, recreation, and leisure areas, putting every convenience within arm’s reach. These include glitzy malls such as Gopalan Promenade Mall and older shopping areas such as that at Jayanagar.

Banashankari also is the location of several workspaces and is in proximity to other prominent work hubs. It is easily accessible to prominent employment hubs, including Brigade Software Park, Global Village Tech Park, and Enzyme Tech Park. Investment in this neighborhood ensures easy accessibility to workspaces, significantly cutting down on the commute to and from work hubs.

This locality is in the heart of the city and yet is located away from the hustle and bustle. This cosmopolitan and trendy neighborhood still retains the charm of old Bangalore. The superb connectivity to other areas of the city makes it an ideal residential choice for the urban home investor.

With some of the most modern infrastructure in place, Banashankari provides its residents with the best Bangalore has on offer. The locality has a unique and unmistakable feature of being a seamless blend of modernity and traditionality.

Banashankari is the ideal residential address within the growing city with its characteristics of superb accessibility and connectivity. The robust physical and social infrastructure of the locality are strong advantages to investing in property here. This neighborhood offers its residents the joy of residing in a quiet area yet never away from the fast-paced city.


Banashankari is a premier residential destination in the city of Bangalore today. A highly coveted residential address, this locality offers its residents the perfect blend of old-world charm and modernity. This is the largest locality in Bangalore and offers within itself a variety of residential options for home investors.

This is an elegant neighborhood that lies in the heart of the culturally-strong south zone of Bangalore. Well connected to the rest of the city, Banashankari is the perfect residential address in Bangalore today. The connectivity to other parts of the city is what enhances the attractiveness of the area as a residential hotspot.

A well-developed network of roads and several flyovers connect this locality to other parts of the city. Major city roads such as the Outer Ring Road and NICE Road link the locality to all other areas. The commute to and from the neighborhood is smooth and easy and free of any snarls.

This connectivity of Banashankari is further enhanced by the green line of the metro that runs through South Bangalore. Easing down on travel time and giving commuters a stress-free experience, the metro has been a boon to the locality. Residents of the locality now have the convenience of being able to travel to any place in the city hassle-free.

There are several large workspaces located in the vicinity of Banashankari. Tech parks such as Global Village Tech Park, Kalyani Magnum Tech Park, and Enzyme Tech Park are easily accessible. Residing in Banashankari also means easy accessibility to the Bidadi Industrial Area, a prominent employment hub.

The well-developing physical infrastructure of the locality means that the connectivity is being steadily improved upon. Several world-class healthcare facilities, including Apollo Hospital and Motherhood Hospital, are easily accessible from the locality. The area also has numerous several educational institutions, including the Indian Institute of Management and PES University in the vicinity.

Banashankari and the neighboring localities also have several modern and traditional areas shopping, recreation, and entertainment areas. This is the location of several glitzy malls, including Gopalan Promenade Mall and Bangalore Central Mall. Banashankari is ideally located, with easy access to the rest of Bangalore and its many attractions.

The locality offers its residents the best living conditions in the city today, a blend of charm and vibrant modernity. Well connected and easily accessible, this is an upcoming residential destination that is attracting huge numbers of new residents into it.


Banashankari is located in South Bangalore, the oldest suburb of the city and one of its most desired residential destinations. Today figuring at the top of the list of real estate hotspots, this neighborhood is the ideal residential address. The rich culture and tradition of this locality are luring an ever-increasing number of new residents.

One factor that makes Banashankari an investment hotspot in Bangalore today is its charming and laidback air. Even with the presence of several modern amenities, the locality seems to have an immensely attractive laidback vibe. The ideal mix of urban areas and green cover in the neighborhood make it an attractive residential destination.

Banashankari boasts of smooth connectivity and easy accessibility from other parts of the city. There is extremely well-developed physical infrastructure, and the locality is crisscrossed by well-paved roads. The green line of the metro that runs into South Bangalore has dramatically enhanced the connectivity of the locality.

There are several prominent workspaces located in the neighborhood, and there are several employment hubs in the vicinity. These include Kalyani Magnum Tech Park, Brigade Software Park, and Enzyme Tech Park. This close proximity to work hubs makes investment in Banashankari a lucrative proposition.

This neighborhood is also well developed in terms of social amenities and boasts of the presence of several world-class hospitals. Numerous reputed educational institutions, as well as shopping and entertainment zones, add to the appeal of the area. All these factors have contributed to making Banashankari an extremely coveted investment destination.

Prices of residential real estate in the locality have been steadily increasing over the past few years. The influx of large amounts of new residents and subsequent increase in demand for housing has propelled the market forwards. There is also a growing demand for rental properties in the area, which ensures a good rental income for investors.

Investment in residential real estate in Banashankari is one of the wisest decisions a home investor in Bangalore can make. The real estate market in the neighborhood is booming, and there is an assurance of a significant return on investment.

Banashankari today offers the home investor options to invest in property that is located in the heart of the city. This locality is a blend of old-world Bangalore and the new city, giving its residents a lifestyle like no other. A perfect blend of culture and contemporary style, Banashankari is a microcosm of the city as it is today.


1. What is Sobha Royal Crest?
Sobha Royal Crest is Upcoming Luxury Residential Project in Banashankari, South, Bangalore.

2. Where is Sobha Royal Crest located?
Sobha Royal Crest is a premier development located on Banashankari in Bangalore.

3. Why is Sobha Royal Crest the best apartment in Bangalore?
  • Developed by one of the most trusted names in the real estate industry in South India.
  • There will be timely delivery of the project.
  • The builder takes full responsibility of the risk of investment during the prelaunch stage of the project.
  • The Sobha Limited, the developer of the project, is well known for its keen emphasis on excellence of design and construction.

4. What Is The Property Type In Sobha Royal Crest?
Sobha Royal Crest offers Apartments in this development.

5. What is the price of an apartment unit at Sobha Royal Crest?
Sobha Royal Crest is a prelaunch project and the prices of apartment units will be revealed only after the launch of the development.

6.What are the configurations of apartment units available at Sobha Royal Crest?
Sobha Royal Crest will have 3 and 4 bedroom spacious and elegant apartment units.

7. How many apartment units are available in the Sobha Royal Crest?
Sobha Royal Crest consists of 329 luxurious and spacious apartment units.

8. Has RERA approved this project?
Sobha Royal Crest Rera No will be updated shortly.

About Sobha Limited

Established in 1995, Sobha Limited is today one of the most trusted brands in the Indian real estate industry. Founded by Mr. PNC Menon, this development company is based on the principles of cutting-edge innovation and the highest quality. The company has seen meteoric growth and has risen into a prominent position in the residential real estate sector.

The company places a strong emphasis on quality control and strictly monitors every stage of the development of its projects. Every division of the company is focused on delivering the best in quality residential units, and customer satisfaction is key. Sobha Limited ensures that every phase of its projects, from design to engineering, is precisely monitored and executed perfectly.

This keen focus on quality and fine attention to detail ensure that every project is an example of superb craftsmanship. This results in the finest precision and aesthetics in every development, ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction.

Sobha Limited epitomizes passion at work, which is a reality in the day-to-day experience of the company. This prestigious development company comprises some of the best minds in the industry today who singularly love what they do. The passion is reflected in the projects developed, which are magnificent examples of modern design and architecture.

This company is known for transparency in all its dealings, which ensures that the customers have complete awareness. The company prides itself on providing luxurious residential units that imbue the homeowners with a deep, all-pervading feeling of pride. Every project is completed within the specified time period, and Sobha Limited has an excellent track record of on-time delivery.

This company has a vast portfolio that includes projects that have been executed for some of India’s largest corporate houses. This includes prestigious and high-end projects for Wipro, Dell, Taj Group of Hotels, Infosys, HCL, Biocon, Bosch, and ITC Hotels. There are also plans for the company to invest in residential development in the Gujarat International Finance Tec-City.

This reputed real estate builder has developed landmark and iconic projects across the country. With a presence in 27 cities in 14 Indian states, Sobha Limited has effectively altered the skyline across India. The company is also running operations in the Middle East, namely Oman and Dubai.

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